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Today’s the 5th year anniversary of the Nick Jonas rap!

Sorry, but this is still one of the funniest things in the world

not gonna lie, there’s always gonna be some jonas brothers songs that I will always adore, no matter what my current personal feelings about them may be.

like black keys - i lovethat song. so much.

inseparable <3

pushing me away, lovebug, a little bit longer, shelf

heck, even mandy.

and let me not get started on nick j’s solo stuff.

That time I re-enacted a Jonas Brothers’ music video with tampons.

Needless to say, I had a lot of free time on my hands 5 summers ago.

Nick and Demi arriving at MTV studios [6/19/13]

I almost thought this was real!  But you can see Nick’s shadow on the ground, but not Demi’s.  And you can also see an outline around Demi’s legs.

Very convincing, though!

(via pokinglovato)

Four years ago, Nina and I released the music video that we were sure was going to make us famous.

Other than Ocean Up tweeting about it, nothing really happened.

This song is incredibly obsolete for so many reasons now (Nick Jonas has been an adult for years now, for starters) but it’s still a classic.  Watch it and laugh.

These two pictures were taken almost exactly four years apart (June 9 2009 and June 8, 2013).  I am wearing the same hat in both haha  I am dying at the contrast.

Note: we were purposely dressed up as dudes to make this music video; that was not our regular attire four years ago lol

Nothing in this rap is relevant anymore, but it’s still hilarious.

Last year, I did this list on Valentine’s Day.  I’m not going to look at the 2012 version of this list until I finish this one, and then I’ll compare.  I already know it’ll be super different, though.

1. Demi Lovato who in fact is actually the only person I’d accept as my Valentine, but we’ll humor the others. I’d elaborate on why but if you know me even in the least bit, then you know the deal.

2. Jennifer Lawrence.  Gawjuss (that’s my vast misspelling of “gorgeous” to emphasize just how gorgeous she is, because goodness, she is gorgeous) and an insanely talented actress.  Can I at least direct her a movie? I’d be good with that.

3. Selena Gomez.  Lemme show Bieber how it’s done.  Though of course, I don’t have quite as pretty of features of he does, so Selena might not be into that.  But yeah, just another pretty, talented actress that I gotta get in a movie.

4. Zayn Malik.  My favorite member of my favorite boyband (jk - they’re not my favorite). And a fine looking man - even with whatever he does with his hair. I’d just have him re-enact the Kiss You music video over and over again.  He can bring three friends, too. (Sorry, Niall has to stay home).

5. Anna Kendrick.  With all the subtle hilarity that anyone could ever need in life, not to mention a great helping of cuteness.  Seriously, though, super talented actress as well.  So okay, maybe this list is more so people I’d like to direct in a movie someday.

6. Paul McCartney.  As always.  C’mon, he will never stop being my absolute favorite.  At any age (well, not infancy, but I’d court him as he’s gray).  

7. Nick Jonas.  Though admittedly more platonic than it has been in the past - I suspect we’d get along well in a weird way because we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum.  And everyone needs a good looking best friend, right?  It would be one of those Valentine’s Days where we’re both single so we decide to hang with each other and have a grand ol’ time.

8. Lucy Hale. Idk. I just really like Lucy Hale.  I met her once, and she was super cool and really sweet.  We had a connection.  No lie, she wanted to be my best friend ever.  Not to mention, she’s really pretty.  Never hurts.

9.  D. Devonne Lovato

10. Demetria Lovato

(Couldn’t think of any other person.  And like I said, there’s really only just one who I’d accept).

If one is interested in last year’s list (where apparently I also obviously started running out of candidates near the end), y’all can check that ish here: http://channyt.tumblr.com/post/17599303442/10-people-who-i-will-gladly-accept-as-my-valentine

But really, I’m just focusing on God’s love for me today (and always), and it’s like…I don’t need a Valentine.  I’m Jesus’s Valentine.  Like, just think about how much He loves us - it’s insanity!  He is lavishing us all the time, every day with it.  And it takes on a more meaningful manifestation than chocolates and candy hearts (which are like the greatest, by the way, BUT not as great as grace).


I don’t remember what they were watching at the time, but I do remember it was at Teen Choice Awards.

Little Demi behind Little NIck in the first gif <3 <3

Written on February 2, 2010

Mandy to Rose Garden, it’s been a long ride, Nick J. Yes, I’m writing a blog entry about you, spurned by the fact that I can confidently know that no one but a future version of myself (and people I specifically want to) will see this. Twitter is too constricting, and I was to wallow in my Jonas-related memories without coming off as some rabid fan girl.

Because I’m not. But I do like to dabble in nostalgia, and as much as it does admittedly sometimes pain me, I can’t reminisce on the past three years without the Jonas Brothers coming up every so often.

In fact, it was three years and a day ago when I first let myself sink into them. I’d heard of them before - vaguely. Enough to make fun of them with my best friend for being little Hanson wanna-be’s.

But then Year 3000 happened, and that one middle Jonas in particular caught my eye. And alas, I was trapped - not as obsessive as I purposely played, but I’ve probably seen every Jonas Brothers video created at least before mid-2007.

I really didn’t consider myself a Jonas Brothers fan, beyond my rabid crush on Joe, of course, until I planned to go to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert and found out that the Jonas Brothers were opening for her. I scoured Limewire for the songs of their sophomore album, but when the quality of them proved to be too weak for my tastings, I did the unthinkable - I purchased an album.

Thus ushering in the “concert prep” era - working out 3-4 times a week to Hannah Montana, Miley, and Jonas Brothers song so by November, I had their entire second album more or less entirely memorized. And I liked it.

Now I will just mention a few of my favorite Jonas Brothers songs in our of our 3rd year anniversary… which is a lot more than I would care to admit openly.

What I Go To School For

Time For Me to Fly

6 Minutes


I Am What I Am


Please Be Mine


Goodnight and Goodbye

Hello Beautiful



Just Friends


Take a Breath

Fly With Me

Much Better

Pushin’ Me Away

Got Me Going Crazy

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Though some I like just for pure pop rock value, I will always be a sucker for their epic romance songs (Please Be Mine, Hello Beautiful, Fly With Me, and especially Inseparable). Some of their songs are just honestly a bit inspirational in that way only simple, feel good pop can capture (Time For Me to Fly, I am What I am, Take a Breath), and some just mean a lot to me on a deeper, more personal level (Hollywood, Just Friends).

One day I’ll take every song that means something special to me - just not theirs - and explain exactly just why.